The Freelance Friday Club
The Freelance Friday Club

The Freelance Friday Club

Coaching, community, and courses for freelancers.

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Powered by working freelancer and creator Latasha James, the FFC is the go-to community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and content creators.

The only thing that's missing is you! 😉

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Josephine Ting

"As an introvert who naturally avoids group settings and has some skepticism towards needing a group for accountability and growth purposes, the Freelance Friday Club has become my home!

I never realized how valuable it is to be surrounded by like minded and passionate entrepreneurs within the same industry until now! I learn something every single time I jump on a call or join the discussion and deeply cherish how supportive everyone is! Because of Latasha's accelerator program and this group, I have been able to establish my business Josephine Ting Strategy & Management, connecting holistic healers patients at, and am still going strong today! Thank you Latasha and the whole Freelance Friday Club!"

Amanda Russell

"I am a newer member of the Freelance Friday Club, and I can already confidently say that I've gained SO much value! The accountability and mastermind sessions are always a safe space to talk about the highs and lows of our business. Every session is packed with thought-provoking questions, and it really holds me accountable to spend time focusing on my business rather than getting caught up in the grind!

Latasha is highly active in the group, offering her advice and connecting with us personally. All the members are so kind, and I've even been able to have 1:1 sessions and connect with members outside of the FFC.

The space that Latasha has created is the perfect home for ambitious entrepreneurs!"

Isabel Feuerstein

"Out of all the courses and tools I've invested in over my 3 years of freelancing, I don't think anything has been more essential to my career than the Freelance Friday Club. I've met some of my closest freelance friends in FFC, and am honestly not sure I'd even still be freelancing without having such a wonderful group of people to bounce ideas off and gain inspiration from. That's exactly why the club is so powerful - accountability & community!!"

Tasheyla McLean

"Being a part of the Freelance Friday Club has been incredibly beneficial to me. It's like having a treasure trove of knowledge and support at my fingertips. The community provides a space where professionals share insights, strategies, and trends that have been invaluable in my work.

It's refreshing to discuss challenges, brainstorm ideas, and get feedback from others who understand the nuances of the ever-evolving social media landscape. Being part of this community has not only sharpened my skills but also made me feel a part of something larger, a collective force driving social media marketing forward."

Lauren Krailo

"FFC exceeded my expectations when I joined. I initially became a member seeking like-minded individuals, and this group delivered. The best part is that there's always someone who understands whatever you may be going through and supports you on your freelance journey—highly recommended. Plus, it's not overcrowded, so you get quality interactions with members, and group events are more than just giant webinars."

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Frequently Asking Questions

Does this membership include the Accelerator, Toolbox, etc.?

No. The courses within this membership are exclusive to the Freelance Friday Club. If you're looking to take one of my flagship offerings like the Toolbox or Accelerator, you'll need to enroll for those separately.

You can find those at

Is this only for freelancers?

While most of our members are fully self-employed, we also welcome creative professionals who work online in other capacities, i.e. an in-house social media manager, YouTuber, or small business owner handling their own marketing.

Which plan is right for me?

If you're new in your freelance journey and are mostly looking to learn new skills, I'd recommend starting out as a Producer. This plan gives you access to monthly mini courses, bonus videos, and live streams with me (including a monthly live Q&A).

If you're an intermediate to advanced-level freelancer, creator, or entrepreneur, consider joining the Executive tier. In addition to access to all of the perks at the Producer tier, you'll also be invited to my private bi-weekly mastermind + get access to select Premium Courses. The mastermind is for those who are actively working in their business and are looking to take their business to the next level.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes! You may cancel whenever you'd like. Billing occurs monthly or annual depending on your plan. Please be mindful of your billing date as refunds cannot be issued once payment has been processed.